Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA)

           Anna University conducts the counselling for the candidates to over 500 Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu. The counselling process involves 1,50,000(approximately) candidates for more than 67 branches in over 500 Engineering Colleges. All the computerization activities related to TNEA are developed and managed by RCC. The way in which the whole process is organized and carried out has received all round appreciation from both the public and the press.

Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET)

           Anna University conducts year after year, the TANCET for candidates M.E / M.Tech offered by colleges situated in Tamil Nadu. TANCET for MBA and MCA candidates is offered by Anna University for CEG Campus. The processing works relating to TANCET are carried out by the RCC.

Tamil Nadu Common Admissions (TANCA)

           Anna University conducts the selection of candidates to Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu for M.E / M.Tech Programmes and selection of candidates to CEG campus, Anna University Chennai for MBA and MCA Programmes. The process involves counselling nearly 17,000 candidates for more than 254 branches in over 110 Engineering Colleges. A counselling is conducted and the secured communication, related software design, development and management is done by RCC.

Other Consultancy Projects

           RCC is also taking other Consultancy works such as Software Testing, Inventory and Association Packages, Pollution Control Board, Data Services to the confidential judiciary etc.