Ramanujan Computing Centre provides the computing facility for the academicians, administratives of the University. The centre directly renders academic service to 7000 students ranging from UG, PG and Research Scholars at both M.S. and Ph.D. levels by way of providing systems with necessary softwares.

           RCC is serving directly by way of giving internet ready systems, internet access to College of Engineering, A.C. Tech, SAP and MIT through the campus computer network. RCC has a range of servers and data storage devices to cater the computing and storage needs of the University. Some of them includes Sun Fire V-880 Servers, Sun Ultra Sprac E-3500 Server, E-450 Servers, E-250 Servers, a RISC-based HP-9000 Unix Server, IBM XEON Server, IBM netfinity Servers, Pentium based Servers with SCO Unix, Windows NT, Solaris, Linux and Windows 2000 operating systems are in operation. About 200 Sun Clients, Workstations and Pentium nodes are connected with various servers. In addition to the above, many powerful servers from various departments are also linked to the Ramanujan Computing Centre's Network to provide enhanced facilities to the students.

           The high end computing nodes are in the network of RCC through which simultaneously 200 users at RCC can access any of the servers. About 1500 users are simultaneously accessing the facilities of RCC from their place.

Advanced Computing Lab

The Advanced Computing Lab is used for M.E & Research Scholars. It has Sun Solaris and Windows System facilities.

Workstation Lab

It is a 24 hours service provided by Ramanujan Computing Centre. Staff and Students of the University Departments of Anna University are benefited by this facility.

Thin Client Lab

Thin Client Lab contains Sun Micro systems connected with Sun Servers.

Wireless Facility

Wireless facility has been provided in the campus with which the users can access the internet facility anywhere in the campus.This is made possible with 5 out door antennas erected at major junction points.

Video Streaming

Recently, Video Streaming Server has been installed at Ramanujan Computing Centre, to render Video Conference / Video-on-demand facility to CEG campus, A.C.T campus and M.I.T campus.This will enable the students / faculty to participate in lectures delivered in any campus.

QIP Nodal Centre

RCC is a nodal QIP Centre for MCA Teachers sponsored by AICTE at national level to conduct M.E (CSE) and Ph.D (CSE) programmes to the teachers sponsored by the AICTE recognized institutions offering MCA programme. The QIP nodal centre also arranges short term refresher courses to the teachers of the MCA programme of different colleges to upgrade their knowledge. Director, Ramanujan Computing Centre is the Co-ordinator.