Centre for Women Empowerment - Anna University


  • The Centre for Empowerment of Women organizes various Workshops, Seminars, and Conferences for the academic staff of Universities/Colleges as well as students of Anna University. Various trainings such as yoga classes and talks on health issues by eminent physicians and specialists are arranged for the staff- teaching faculty, non teaching staff and students of the University in order to ensure an all round development of their life. The Centre coordinates with various government agencies such as Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd, Mahalir Thittam, Science City, District Rural Development etc. The centre conducts seminars and symposiums for the women academicians, scientists and technologists in Chennai as well as other cities in collaboration with the institutions like Indian Academy of Science, Bengaluru, Science City etc. The Centre has conducted many public relation campaigns such as gender sensitization programmes etc for the communities around through funds from the TEQIP. The centre has imparted computer training to 1000 SHG women from all over Tamilnadu besides organizing workshops and various public relation campaigns and awareness programmes for the SHG women of Tamilnadu. Income generating activities such as organizing exhibitions of products made by the SHG women is also undertaken by the Centre.

  • The Centre for Empowerment of Women in the past has imparted computer training to about 1000 Self Help Group women from all over Tamilnadu through the affiliating colleges of Anna University in about 30 districts of Tamilnadu. The women were given 12 sets of books on computer such as, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Tally, DPT I, DPT - II, KIOSK, Internet etc along with CDs. The women found it very useful and many women have started working on the basis of the knowledge they acquired through this training and started earning. This programme was sponsored by the Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd, Chennai and a sum of Rs.50 lakhs was sanctioned for this purpose.

  • An Exhibition of products by Self Help Group women of Tamilnadu is being organized by the Centre for Empowerment of Women annually in connection with the celebration of International Women's day during 8th March at Anna University, Chennai in coordination with the Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women Ltd and Mahalir Thittam Project. About 75 groups from all over Tamilnadu takes part and exhibit their products ranging from handicrafts, paper bags, jute bags, bedcovers, wooden carvings, palm leaf products, fancy items, artificial jewellery etc. The annual total sale during the above exhibition ranges from Rs.six lakhs to Rs.ten lakhs which is very much beneficial to the SHGs who could market their products through Anna University.


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