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Towards a sustainable management of land and water resources through planning, development and utilization with consideration to technical, environmental, Socio-economic and institutional factors.

About the Centre

The Centre for Water Resources (CWR) was established in May 1979 to pursue teaching, research, consultancy and impart training programmes in hydrology, water resources engineering, irrigation management and water quality and quantity management. It is basically the upgraded Hydraulics Division of the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, Guindy, Chennai.

Right from inception the Centre is academically supporting various subjects for B.E. Civil Engineering and selected subject for others branch students. In July 2006 Centre has started B.E., Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering with 40 students intact.

From the year 1956, the Hydraulics Division was offering a M.Sc.(Engg.) degree in Advanced Hydraulics, Dam Construction and Irrigation Engineering of 18 months duration. This programme was restructured to M.Sc (Engg) in Hydraulics Engineering, increasing the duration to 2 years. In 1974, the course was further restructured as M.E. in Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering and then modified as Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering in 1981, another programme was introduced as M.E. in Irrigation Water Management. The Centre had offered a Postgraduate Diploma course in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering, sponsored by UNESCO, of one-year duration between 1983 and 1991.

The research programme was supported by five UGC Ph.D through research fellowship in sciences for meritorious students (five every year). Government of Netherlands supported 5 Ph.D and 50 masters fellowship called the South Asia Water Fellowship (SAWA Fellowship) from 2006-2012. Currently, IDRC Canada supports 5 masters SAWA Fellowship for M.E IWRM exclusively for women candidates for three years from 2014 to 2016. Anna University supports the Ph.D programme, two scholars (every year) through Anna Centenary Fellowship for the scholar registered in this Centre.

The Centre for Water Resources has been supported in its development by UGC through its Department of Special Assistance and COSIST Programmes. Department of Science and Technology is supporting the Centre through FIST Programme. Also UGC supports this Centre under Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Integrated Water Resources Management from 2015-2020.