Centre for Water Resource - Anna University


Hydraulics Laboratory

The Centre has one of the biggest hydraulics laboratories by any standard for any educational institution in India. The laboratory is situated in an area of 2740 m2. Undergraduate Engineering students of the University in Civil, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Mining, Industrial and Agricultural and Irrigation Engineering branches are using it. It is also used by the research and consultancy projects on Physical Model Studies, etc. This laboratory is also equipped with advanced instrumentation with a capacity to undertake full ground water investigation such as Theodolite with Electronic Distance Meter, Rotary Ring, Terra Very Low Frequency (TVLF) and Terrameter. Acoustic Doppler Velocity Meter (ADV) and Qliner equipments are made available for the study of river/channel cross sections, profiles, discharge measurement and velocimeters for lab scale research.

Field Laboratory

The Field Laboratory is about 2 ha for the demonstration of irrigation structures and for crop-based field experimentation by the faculty and students. It has a meteorological observatory, which is equipped with an automatic weather station besides the manually read instruments. The laboratory also has sophisticated equipments for studies on crop water relations, such as Steady State Porometer, Canopy Analysis System and Soil Moisture Probe.

Wet Chemistry Laboratory

The Centre has a well equipped wet chemistry laboratory developed for evaluation of irrigation water quality problems and management. It is used by the undergraduate/postgraduate students and research scholars of the Centre. It is equipped with advanced instrumentation such as the Autotitrators, Auto analysers, Field water quality kits, Field photometer and BOD/COD Analysers.

Computing Facilities

The CWR is part of the optic fibre LAN being the central facility of the Anna University. All faculty members and the research scholars are provided with Computers in their room, also connected by this network and can communicate with each other. The University LAN also provides Internet connectivity. M.E. and M.S. students are facilitated through separate computer centre with network and internet connectivity, WiFi Facility is available for all the classrooms.

Popular packages and scientific software programs in the area of water resources development and management; and peripherals like plotter, Ink jet colour printers, scanners and laser printers are available at the Computer Centre.

GIS/Water Net Lab

The Centre has established a GIS Laboratory with fifteen terminals. The research scholars, M.E. students and  B.E (Agri.) students are provided with advanced computing softwares like ArcGIS, Mapinfo, Geomedia Professional, ENVI, Aquachem, Modflow, Stormnet, HMS, Cropwat, etc. Also the Centre has recently upgraded the Water Net Lab with ten terminals of Ubundu and Windows operating system for internet and other computing works.

Post Graduate Library

The Centre has a library housing more than 6000 volumes of reference books, text books, journals, technical reports and thesis. The PG students, staff members and research scholars have access to the library even after office hours. This library is also used by research scholars of the neighbouring institutions extensively.

Rain Water Harvesting Sumps

The Centre has a roof area of 4000 m2. Roof water harvesting arrangements are in place to through gutters and drain pipes to collect rain water. The Centre has three underground concrete sumps to store this rain water to an extent of 10 lakhs litres of water, directly to be used for all hydraulics laboratory experiments and for non-drinking purposes. This may one of the largest roof water harvesting facility in our Country.


The Centre has two vehicles, a 23 seater Swaraj Mazda mini bus and an Ambassador Car to facilitate academic and training programmes.