The list of Learning Resources access through : http://elearn/les

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1Accounting for Management
2Active Directory Services
3Adobe Photoshop for Web
4ASP-Advanced Components
5Analog Electronics
6Animation in Flash
7Art of Effective Management
8Basic Electrical Engineering
9Basic Electronics
10Basics of Programming
11Be a Better Manager
12Body Language
13Broadband Networks
14Building a Winning Team
15Building Sales Tools
16Business Basics
17Business Management
18C++ - Advanced
19C Programming - Advanced - I
20C Programming - Advanced - II
22Circuits & Systems
24Computer Fundamental
25Consumer Electronics
26Control Systems
27Corporate Espionage
28Creating Confidence
29Creativity of Managers
31Customer Service
32Data Communication
33Data Modeling
34Data Structure and Algorithms
35Desktop Design
36Digital Circuits and System - I
37Digital Circuits and System - II
38Digital Home Recording Studio
39Digital Signal Processing
40Discreet Combustion
42Dynamic HTML_DHTML Part I
43Dynamic HTML_DHTML Part II
45Electrical & Illumination Design
46Electrical Circuits
47Electrical Engineering Materials
48Electrical Machine
49Electric Power System
50Electrical Science
51Electricity & Magnetism
52Electronics devices & Circuits
53Elements of Electrical Engineering
54Engineering Chemistry
55Engineering Graphics & Drawing
56Engineering Mathematics - I
57Engineering Mathematics - II
58Engineering Mathematics - III
59Engineering Mechanics
60Engineering Physics
61Estimation & Costing
62Final cut pro 4
63Foundation of Computer Science
64Front Page 2000
65Fundamentals of RDBMS
66Hardware Diagnostic
68ICC colour management in Photoshop
71Internet for Managers
73Introduction to Programming
74Irrigation Engineering
75IS your team effective
76J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)
77Java - AWT
78Java 2 - Certified Programmer
79Java Beans
80Java JDBC
81Java - RMI Fundamental
82Java Servlets
83Java - Swing
85Java Script Advance
87Light wave 3D advanced Modeling
88Linux: Introduction to Linux
89Local Area Networks & Protocols
90Macromedia Contribute 2
91Macromedia Dreamweaver MX web applications
92Dreamweaver/ Fireworks/ Flash Integration
93Flash MX Actor Script
94Flash MX 2004
95Managing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Environment
96Marketing Basics
97Maya 6 Fundamentals
98Maya Fundamentals
99Microsoft ADO.NET
100Microsoft ASP.NET
101Microsoft Office XP
102Microsoft SQL Server Database Programming
103Microsoft Visual Basic.NET
104Microsoft Visual Basic 6 - Advanced
106Network Architecture
107Network Operations
108Network Security & Management
109Network Technology
110Network Essentials
111Networking Fundamentals
112NT Server 4.0 - Monitoring and Maintenance
113Operating System - I
114ORACLE 8i - PL/SQL - I
115ORACLE 8i - PL/SQL - II
116ORACLE 8i - SQL
117ORACLE Database Administration - Fundamentals I
118ORACLE Database Administration - Fundamentals II
119PC (Detailed knowledge of computer fundamentals)
120Perl Fundamentals
122PHP Project Solution
123Pinnacle Liquid Edition
124Professional Desktop Publishing on the PC-II
125Programming with Active Server Pages
126Proxy Server
127Quick takes for sales
128Resume Writing
129Scanning Writing
130Search Engines
131Search Engine Optimization
132Software Engineering
133SQL Server 7.0
134Stress Can You Fight it
136Swift 3D V 4D
138TCP/IP Protocol Suite Advanced
139Ten Mantras to corporate
140The art of effective communication
142Total Quality Management
143Unix Shell - Fundamentals
144Unix Shell Scripting- Advanced
145VLSI - Design
146WAN Fundamentals
147Web Fundamentals
148Web Publishing/ Publicizing
150XML - Advanced