Objectives of the Centre

The Principal Objectives of the Centre for Human Settlements (CHS) are :

  • To interact with private & public agencies involved in Human Settlements Planning and Implementation, by providing consultancy service, undertaking and coordinating feasibility studies, projects, monitoring of implementation of projects, evaluation of progammes and appraisal of policies on an inter-disciplinary basis.
  • To foster inter-disciplinary teamwork among specialists by promoting inter-agency consultancy and research projects.
  • To act as a Regional Centre for Education, Training, Extension Works and Researches on Human Settlements.
  • To train practicing professionals in developing methodologies, techniques and concepts through short-term courses and training programmes in the fields of Urban and Regional Planning.
  • To promote research activities both theoretical and applied in the field of Human Settlements.
  • To disseminate the emerging concepts, technologies and practice in the field of Urban & Regional Planning through documentation, publication and conduct of Conferences / Seminars / Workshops.


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