Civil/Electrical Minor Works Cell - Anna University

List of Works Completed

Details Of Work
Actual Amount
Date of Completion
1 Providing addition and alteration works in MBA department building. 125949.00 28.09.2006
2 Laying of flooring tiles and providing of tiles on the wooden work table for MSc laboratory in the Chemistry department. 115765.00 15.09.2006
3 Providing colour washing to the main entrance and staircase portion in the main building. 79737.00 14.08.2006
4 Providing colour washing and painting the doors and windows in the Central workshop building in Mechanical department. 39841.00 26.08.2006
5 Providing OBD painting to the old and new walls in the developed portion in MBA department building. 23472.00 10.10.2006
6 Laying of flooring tiles and cuddapah slab in the office room and providing PVC edge protector for the addition wooden work table in the MSc Lab in the Chemistry department. 20363.00 20.11.2006
7 Providing cubicle arrangement for faculty at 2nd floor of Computer Science and Engineering department building. 160760.00 15.12. 06
8 Providing ramp to facilitate entry for physically handicapped person in the main building and department of Humanities and Social Science block. 101446.00 29.12.2006
Renovation of gent’s toilet near of the main entrance in the main building.
170076.00 02.01.2007
10 Providing addition and alteration in the Electrical works in Central workshop building in Mechanical Engineering department. 85460.00 29.12.2006
Total amount Rs
1 Carrying outs replacement work of lights which is not working in the main building. 7210.00
2 Providing Hollow block compound wall behind the hostel block VII. 83594.00 12.06.07
3 Providing acoustics wall paneling work ground floor of ECE Department. 131321.00 11.07.07
4 Providing false ceiling and improvements to the multimedia lab in second floor of Humanities and Social Science Department. 122603.00 26.06.07
5 Providing power supply, fittings, UPS and Power plugs to multimedia lab in second floor of Humanities and Social Science Department. 151823.00 29.06.07
6 Providing wall paneling work for entrance at ground floor of main building. 192903.00 04.07.07
7 Renovation of Conference Hall of main building and providing aluminium partition arrangement of CPDE building. 178570.00 17.07.07
8 Redesigning of cable trenches in machines lab of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department building in CEG Campus. 159318.00 27.08.07
9 Providing cubicle arrangements for faculty room at first floor of Structural Engineering Division. 192107.00 01.08.07
10 Renovation of class room No.47 & 48 and providing false ceiling in room. No.37 of main building. 147094.00 12.10.07
11 Supplying and fixing of tube light fittings including wirings in rooms.No.47, 48 & 37 of main building. 42865.00 22.10.07
12 Providing modification of faculty rooms, research scholar rooms and store room in the ground floor of R & AC division. 196175.00 04.02.08
13 Providing main water line connection to the sump quadrangle of main building. 144662.00 27.11.07
14 Providing leak proof treatment with plastic felt in room.No.29 of main building. 84764.00 30.01.08
15 Renovation and providing electrical fittings including wiring works at AUPPST Centre and Students union room. 94331.00 29.01.08
16 Renovation work for AUPPST Centre, painting the inside and outside and toilet alteration work and providing to Student union room of main building. 169421.00 11.02.08
17 Providing cubicle arrangements for Distance Education faculty rooms at first floor of canteen. 192915.00 20.02.08
18 Providing new electrical work in the Distance Education study centre at first floor of canteen. 194321.00 06.03.08
19 Providing cubicle arrangements for Distance Education faculty rooms at first floor of canteen. 180697.00 04.03.08
20 Providing aluminium partition for new class room in PG lab of CWR. 196049.00 22.03.08
21 Providing road to facilitate entry for Anna University Campus to Old High way Campus. 164650.00 20.02.08
22 Providing plain cement concrete for link road between Anna University Campus and old high way Campus. 192426.00 12.03.08
Total amount Rs



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