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Climate change is increasingly recognized as a factor to be considered across sectors such as infrastructure, agriculture, water resources, conservation, biodiversity and disaster risk management. CLIMsystems position the knowledge, capability and climate-proofing capacity in hands for conducting climate change risk and adaptation assessments. CLIMsystems Ltd designs, develops and markets advanced, user-friendly software systems for assessing impacts and adaptation to climate variability and change. The products are fourth Assessment-compatible and include spatial scenario generators for temperature, precipitation, sea level rise, solar radiation and wind. The models can be linked with globally significant sectoral models. Vulnerability and resilience can both be assessed through the application of CLIMsystems tools and methods including extreme event analysis.


SimCLIM at Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Reasearch

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Our centre uses SimCLIM, which is an integrated modeling system from CLIMSYSTEMS for assessing climate change impacts and adaptation. The SimCLIM system simulates the impacts of both climate variability and change in temporal and spatial scales. Amongst a range of applications, it is used to assist in climate proofing across various sectors including: Water, Agriculture, Health, Ecosystems, coastal zone issues.